Knights of Degen are the most able competitors in the game, which make them the most sought-after NFTs in the ecosystem. They stride through the kingdom with an air of confidence, clad in their unique armor and bearing powerful weapons. Their mere presence is enough to inspire others, and they are revered as both defenders of the Degen way of life and builders of the Kingdom.

Being an owner of a Knight has its advantages:

  • You gain the exclusive rights to own NFT IPs

  • You can take part in the DGEN Token Claim

  • You can be a leader in the DAO by joining a committee. As a committee member, you are eligible for rewards for your contributions to the DAO

  • You have access to special drops and claims, such as 3D metaverse-ready Knight and Villager NFTs

  • An airdropped Deed you can stake and redeem for a Degen Quarters. A Degen Quarters will be the only way to stake your KOD NFTs after the initial redemption period.

  • Accessories and weapons that reward you and increase your ability in gameplay.

  • You have unique access to special tournaments and competitions in the Arena, as well as content and alpha.

Purchase a Knight: Opensea -


The number of Knights you own will impact your ranking in the kingdom. Acquiring and holding Knight NFTs is the fastest and easiest path to increase your position of power.

0 Knights = Villager

1 Knight = Knight

3 Knights = Duke

10 Knights = Noble

25 Knights = Royal Fam

Your tier has major effects across the ecosystem and your gaming experience.

Plus, possessing more Knights comes with its rewards:

  • Access to NFT claims that can increase gameplay ability, rewards & customization opportunities

  • Rarity rewards on all future NFT drops

  • Gameplay abilities unique to each Knight with special traits

  • Increased opportunity for DAO impact via token rewards and voting rights within the DAO.

The Knights of Degen team and community will always look for new opportunities to accrue value to the holders of our core NFTs.

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