Degen Quarters

Every Knight needs a place of their own. Degen Quarters is a space for Knights to call home.

The Degen Quarters serve three (3) primary purposes:

  • Staking all of your KOD NFTs after the initial Degen Quarters redemption period. Without a Degen Quarters, you cannot stake the NFTs you acquire from the Degen Kingdom.

  • Earn rewards from staking like future NFTs and gameplay multipliers.

  • A 3D customizable space where you can display your NFTs, host others, and recharge from competitions in the Degen Arena.

Acquiring Degen Quarters

Non-Knight Holders

  • Pre-snapshot

    • Players can purchase a Knight on any marketplace to quality for the airdrop

  • Post-snapshot

    • Degen Quarters will be sold individually for a limited time at the end of the initial “Pre-Season Baking” period

Knight Holders

  • Receive a “Degen Deed” - airdropped on Polygon - (coming Spring ‘23)

    • One (1) Degen Deed will be airdropped per Knight held

  • Stake Deed + Knight + Steedz (optional) during the special “Pre-Season Baking” period

    • After 60 consecutive days of being staked, Degen Deeds become “fully baked”

    • Fully baked Deeds will be redeemable for Degen Quarters 1:1 at the end of the Pre-Season

      • NOTE: Degen Quarters will be redeemable in batches for tiered Degen Quarters during a special minting period (Fall ‘23).

        • Tiers will affect things like:

          • Size/space

          • Functionality

          • XP/Points Multiplier

          • Rarity

How do you get a Degen Quarters?

Tiers play an important role in the Degen Kingdom. Quarters are no exception.

Degen Quarters can be individually traded-in for Knights Quarters, or can be batched together and traded-in for higher tiered quarters such as Duke, Noble, and Royal.

  • Note: Additional Degen Quarters will be made available - for a cost - at the end of the Pre-Season for those who miss out on the Pre-Season staking period and/or wish to elevate the tier during the exchange period.

Degen Quarters will be redeemable for the following:

  • 1 Degen Quarters = 1 Knight Quarters

  • 3 Degen Quarters = 1 Duke Quarters

  • 10 Degen Quarters = 1 Noble Quarters

  • 25 Degen Quarters = 1 Royal Quarters

Example scenarios of redemption mechanics for reference:

  • 2 Degen Quarters = 2 Knight Quarters

  • 4 Degen Quarters = 1 Duke Quarters, 1 Knight Quarters

  • 15 Degen Quarters = 1 Noble Quarters, 1 Duke Quarters, 2 Knight Quarters

  • 33 Degen Quarters = 1 Royal Quarters, 2 Duke Quarters, 2 Knight Quarters

Tier factors:

  • Staking Capacity: Higher tier = more space for staking assets = more XP earned, faster

  • XP Multipliers: Higher tier = More XP earned from staking assets

    • XP elevates status on all specialized, temporary, and overall leaderboards

    • Position on the leaderboards impacts rewards, contest eligibility, rarity of future NFT drops, and more

  • Gameplay Multipliers: Higher tier = more available power, energy, and quicker recharge

    • Utilizing this enhanced regeneration, players can compete in KOD games and fantasy contests more frequently and/or increase their entries to specific contests

  • Virtual space

Pre-Season “Stake to Bake” Guide

  • Receive Degen Deed

  • Visit to access the staking web app

  • Connect wallet containing KOD assets

  • Select the Knight(s) you would like to stake to your Deed(s)

    • Bonus: Staking a Steed with a Knight will generate a bonus at the end of the staking period

  • Staking with KOD is gasless and is done in a way often referred to as "soft-staking"

    • Owned assets will not leave your wallet and will not require any transaction

  • Knights (and Steedz) must remain staked for 60 consecutive days during the Pre-Season Baking period

    • Listing and/or selling a staked Knight will reset the counter

    • Re-staking a Knight will result in the counter being set to “Day 0”

  • After 60 consecutive days of staking, Deeds will become “fully baked”

    • “Fully Baked” = eligible for a 1:1 exchange of a Degen Quarter during the redemption period taking place at the end of the Pre-Season

What happens after the initial staking and redemption period for Knight Quarters?

  • The Pre-Season Baking period for Deeds/Degen Quarters will be open until Season One begins (Fall ‘23)

  • The exchange period of Degen Quarters for Knights/Duke/Noble/Royal Quarters will take place in the final weeks of the Pre-Season

    • This will function as the official first mint of the tiered Degen Quarters

  • After Season One begins, there will be only two ways to obtain Degen Quarters:

    • Purchase on a secondary marketplace

    • Earn and/or acquire as rewards from the exchanged supply held by the Treasury.

  • Virtual, 3D interactive functionality will be added over time

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