$DGEN Token

The $DGEN token (ERC-20) is the currency of the KOD world - and is the core mechanism players use to power tournaments, fantasy games, and other contests in the Degen Kingdom via the KOD mobile and web apps.

All Knights of Degen products are linked โ€“ narratively and economically โ€“ through $DGEN

The $DGEN token is one built on the pillars of governance, utility, and rewards.

  • Objective One: Place power in usersโ€™ hands by facilitating a decentralized community governance structure for the DAO Treasury and all underlying assets.

    • The Degen DAO allows ecosystem participants to collectively vote and shape the evolution of $DGEN, its allocations, and the initiatives it pursues.

  • Objective Two: Create an in-game token used to power different components of the Knights of Degen ecosystem - including fantasy games, fantasy leagues, tournaments, and more

  • Objective Three: Facilitate growth of the KOD ecosystem by making $DGEN accessible to the broader public and inviting new members to join the Degen Kingdom.

  • Objective Four: Create and develop new products and services that enhance the community experience while utilizing $DGEN.

    • This includes the development of new games, contests, tournaments, sports betting, IRL event experiences, and physical merchandise - among others.

The utility of $DGEN is limitless. Developers will be able to leverage the liquidity and community of $DGEN to bootstrap new activities and games.

Ultimately, it is in the hands of the $DGEN community and Degen DAO to propel the ecosystem forward.

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