DAO Governance

$DGEN token is used to govern the Knights of Degen ecosystem. These tokens grant the respective holders a right to participate in the Degen DAO governance functions and make the $DGEN token holder the foundation of every key decision for further development of the ecosystem.

Future utility of the token can be proposed, debated, and voted on via the previously mentioned governance functions.

In-Game Currency

$DGEN is the in-game token of the Knights of Degen ecosystem. It can be used for a wide range of things including, but not limited to:

  • Acquiring energy boosts and refills

  • Tournament/Game/League rewards

  • Exchange for new KOD content

  • Stake-to-play for access to special prize pools

  • Purchase digital collectibles and accessories to enhance your experience within the REDACTED game

Marketplace Currency

Exchange $DGEN for physical goods in the Knights of Degen store.

  • Collectible items from partnerships with other projects/vendors

  • Limited edition merchandise

$DGEN is designed to be versatile and utility-packed.


The future utility of $DGEN will continue to expand as the DAO works to build alongside other projects - creating games, enhancing metaverse properties, allowing participation in protocols - all designed to provide value to holders.

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