Building a Bigger and Stronger Kingdom

With the very first action you take in Knights of Degen, you are building your 'House' in the Kingdom. The core objective of playing the Knights of Degen game is to build and grow your House by earning XP, amassing in-game assets and rising up the tiers to make your House a part of the Royal Family.

In the Knights of Degen ecosystem, there are several verticals beyond just playing in games that community members can participate in to add value to the overall ecosystem and earn rewards. One of these verticals is Degen Commerce, which encompasses various business ventures and projects such as clothing & merchandise, food (Degen Sauce) & beverage (Degen Haze), and other physical or digital products (Degen Kicks). These projects not only provide revenue for the DAO, but also offer unique and exclusive products for holders to purchase and show off their pride in being a part of the Knights of Degen Kingdom.

Another vertical is Degen Media, which includes a variety of content and media projects such as podcasts, shows, articles, and social media channels. These projects aim to provide entertainment, education and information on various topics related to the Knights of Degen ecosystem, sports, gaming, and NFTs. By consuming and engaging with this content, members can stay up to date on the latest developments in the community, as well as earn rewards for their participation.

Additionally, members can participate in committees within the Degen DAO and have a say in decision-making for the different verticals. For example, members of the Degen Commerce Committee would help decide on new product releases and pricing, and members of the Degen Media Committee would help decide on new shows or formats for the network.

Finally, The Degen Sports Collective is another vertical where members can acquire and trade digital art and participate in the community by displaying their collection and contributing to the artwork. The digital art collection is unique and rare, and the more you own and hold, the more value and prestige will be added to your Knights of Degen Identity.

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