Attributes & Skills

Attributes & Skills

Each NFT-based character will have a set of attributes that will have utility within the different games a player can compete in within the Degen Arena.

Core Attributes

The 5 Core Attributes include:
  • Knowledge - Enhanced ability in games of strategy
    • Gameplay Example: Enhanced power in strategic attacks, unique access to information and alpha
  • Resilience - Enhanced affinity for defense weapons, potions and recovery
    • Gameplay Example: Faster recovery times, reduced energy depletion, improved defenses against player or NPC attacks
  • Strength - Increased attack power and affinity for offensive weapons
    • Gameplay Example: Competitive advantages, stronger weapon usage, increased points impact during fantasy gaming competitions
  • Luck - Ability to escape dire situations and enhanced scoring in high-risk game maneuvers
    • Gameplay Example: Enhanced ability to avoid negative situations, better chances at drops and draft orders, increased Bet2Earn performance on high-risk parlays
  • Charisma - Strength in collaborative environments and access to unique social abilities
    • Gameplay Example: First access to special social gaming features, league creation abilities, unlock bonuses for committee participation

Attributes Vary by Character and Trait

A Character's traits will inform the attributes and skills that can impact each player's performance.
Character Attributes
  • Aliens: High Luck, Low Charisma
  • Robots: High Knowledge, Low Resilience
  • Humans: High Charisma, Low Luck
  • Steedz: High Strength, Low Knowledge
  • Zebra: High Knowledge, Low Charisma
  • Sea Horse: High Resilience, Low Knowledge
Trait Attributes
  • Phone - Knowledge
  • Pen - Knowledge
  • Notebook - Knowledge
  • Basketball - Resilience
  • Beer - Charisma
  • Soccer Ball - Resilience
  • Hot Dog - Charisma
  • Liquid Courage - Charisma
  • Spacedog - Charisma
  • Baseball Bat - Resilience
  • Cash - Luck
  • Potion - Luck
  • Ready 2 Rumble - Strength
  • Boxing Gloves - Strength
  • Diamond Hands - Resilience
  • Football - Resilience
  • Sword - Strength