Game Actions, Attacks and Defenses

The Knights of Degen NFTs a user owns will be able to be used to impact the games they play in our app. Different NFT Characters, Accessories and Traits will unlock different in-game actions, attacks or defenses.
  • Examples of Existing Game Actions/Impacts
    • Access to exclusive tournaments and leagues
    • Reward boosts in tournaments and leagues
    • Strategic advantages/disadvantages in tournaments and leagues
    • Access to information and resources
    • Increase or decrease Ability
    • Different methods of competition
  • Example Attacks and Defenses
    • In a traditional fantasy football game, a Villager Sword might reduce the points of a selected player by 2, whereas a Royal Sword might reduce that same player's points by 10. However, if a shield is used to defend that player, depending on the tier of the shield, the player's points will be protected to a certain degree.
    • A pair of Degen Sneakers might increase running back touchdown points by 2x.
    • A Degen Cannon might increase throwing touchdowns by 1.5x.
    • A Dizzy Potion might increase the points lost from turnovers by 3x.
    • In prop-based games, you may see weapons applied to introduce new prop betting options or alter the points gained for choosing a prop selection correctly.