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Getting Started

Follow the steps below to begin your journey in the Degen Kingdom:
  1. 2.
    Create account
    1. 1.
      Once the Knights of Degen app is downloaded, sign up using an email address
    2. 2.
      A verification code will be generated and sent to your email address. Confirming this code will grant you access to the app
  2. 3.
    Customize Degen Identity
    • When an account is created within the Knights of Degen Mobile App, a fresh profile and empty ethereum wallet address are both automatically generated
    • Within the profile, players can assign a profile picture and change their username
    • This serves as the starting point towards building your Degen Identity (profile) and participating in on-chain games
  1. 4.
    Connect Sportsbooks
    1. 1.
      Use login credentials from your sportsbooks to connect to the app
    2. 2.
      Participate in Bet2Earn tournaments to begin earning XP and take your shot at DGEN token prizes
  1. 5.
    Purchase a Knight