Roundtable Knights

Roundtable Knights are the main characters within the lore of Knights of Degen. There are unique benefits and opportunities to those that hold one of these rare 1/1 Knight characters.


  • Knight Commanders: Characters are keen to lead and compete in battles, quests, or in guilds.

  • Ref of the Roundtable: Refs are often utilized to settle disputes, introduce tournament rules, and judge the various contests within the kingdom. Many see the Refs as the arbitrators of the Degen Kingdom.

  • 22B8: 22B8 is often recognized as an informed guide or mentor for new players entering the kingdom. They hold much knowledge of the ways of the kingdom, and will be frequently used to communicate missions or quests to the Knights.

  • Apothecary: Producer of potions, elixirs, and other in-game items that are used to either enhance the attacks of players, improve defenses, or produce alternative game play behaviors that are used strategically in game.

  • Bailiff: Most Knights hope to never interact with the Bailiff because he is the law enforcement of the Degen Kingdom. The Bailiff enforces the rules and regulations, and determines the punishment when rules are broken.

  • Carl aka Karl: Karl is an adventurer, curious explorer and usually the first to join in a new quest or mission. Karl has seen many rare items and accessories in his journey and is often a strong partner to trade with.

  • Groundskeeper: The Groundskeeper knows the lands both in and outside of the Degen Kingdom better than anyone else. She is often sent to rescue Knights that enter the metaverse and help them travel to the Kingdom safely.

  • Hacker: Hacker is the portal producer and communicator. He creates various puzzles and quests to identify appropriate Degens that are a fit for the Kingdom, and ensures the Comms portal is accessible so that sports and sports gaming is available across universes.

  • Head Bookie: The head bookmaker, odds producer, manages betting pools and tournaments across the Kingdom.

  • King: Founder of the Degen Kingdom and is responsible to lead and set the path for sustainable success and future of the Knights of Degen.

  • Queen: Founder of the Degen Kingdom, and is responsible for partnerships and relationships formed with other communities outside the Kingdom walls.

  • SoothSayer: Keeper of the alpha and predictor of events. He is a special being that holds the highest correct betting percentage in all of the land.

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