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How to Play

The Knights of Degen game is built around the everyday activities of sports fans. From playing daily fantasy sports, to competing in multi-year dynasty leagues, to in-game sports betting - if you participate - you are in the KOD game.
After downloading the Knights of Degen App, creating a Degen Identity profile, and obtaining a free “Villager” avatar - players will gain immediate access to a limited lobby of available tournaments, contests, and leagues.
Official KOD tournaments, contests, and leagues will take place within designated time periods known as “Degen Seasons.” To participate in a season’s exclusive contests - and be eligible for seasonal prizes - players must acquire a Degen Season Pass, which will then unlock the full offerings of each season.
Tournaments and competitions will have levels of access via tiered gating. Climbing tiers from a Villager to a Knight (and beyond) enables players to unlock increasingly exclusive access to higher-stakes competitions - with more lucrative rewards.
Specific traits of a player’s avatar will also unlock various tournaments, leagues, and daily competitions. The more tournaments players compete in - the more opportunities to gain XP, move up the Degen Leaderboard, and earn.
By competing in tournaments and leagues within the KOD App, players will earn “experience points” (XP). These XP contribute not only to a player’s ranking on the overall Knights of Degen Leaderboard - but also to any community and/or partner sponsored leagues, pools, or groups that players choose to join and compete in, as well.
To enhance gameplay and character aesthetics - players can acquire wearable, interchangeable, digital accessories throughout the Degen Kingdom. Uncovering and acquiring these accessories will provide players the option to customize avatars, unlock in-game capabilities, apply boosts, regenerate energy - and much more.