DAO Structure

Community Council
The community council was established to engage with the community to provide additional understanding and support regarding DAO proposals. This is an elected group that acts as the representative voice of the community and will serve the Degen DAO for a twelve-month term. New community council elections will occur every six months.
Committees and Sub-DAOs
The community groups are established to improve the KOD ecosystem. Committees can be ongoing, or project-based, and may be approved by the Degen DAO to receive $DGEN for participation. Participation in committees is restricted to holders of Knights of Degen or Steedz of Degen NFTs.
Contributors are any individuals working to deliver outcomes and objectives that have been approved by the DAO.
Key responsibilities could include leading or participating in a committee and owning or supporting delivery of an objective to benefit the DAO.
Community Members
Anyone who holds $DGEN is considered a community member and able to submit proposals and participate in governance votes. If they would like to join a committee, they must own a Knights of Degen or Steedz of Degen NFT.